Men’s Winter Jacket for the Coming 2014

Whether (Weather) we like to or not winter is settling in? As the months get colder and the days get shorter, it’s inevitable that winter’s on its way. Nothing can liven up a man’s winter wardrobe and beat the cold quite like a good quality winter coat or jacket, but in a season as hectic as winter, it’s all too easy to leave it until its almost too late before you go out and find the one you want. So what coats are you wanting to rug yourself into this coming winter?  To make it simple, there are a handful of options to keep in mind before you make your purchase, not least the choice of style over function. Keep it stylish, keep it dark and keep it simple. Investing in a few coats may seem excessive but winter blues will get to you.


So re-vamping your wardrobe and your style will certainly be great for those winter moods swings. I find men always go for big coats so they can put as many thick pieces of clothing underneath it. I call this chunky fat syndrome. Those days are gone. Layering is the key here. Let’s face it how many of us are running around the Antarctic. We all use public transport and on any given day are mainly under cover most of the time. So you need coats that will balance your body type and not make you look like puff daddy gone wrong. The spectrum of winter coats that fits this description is large; this season’s jackets come in different designs, shapes and colors.


Many jacket designs this season you can choose are parkas, sports, straight double-breasted and single-breasted designs. The hottest length of men’s jacket is the one to the waist or a little bit below the waist. In addition, down-padded coats, sheepskin coat are also relevant, jackets made of fur and various fabrics are in fashion. Occasionally asymmetrical biker buckle is designed in a cut. The suitable material for the winter is fur. We can use the fur for many different aims like the base material or the lining. There are many types of fur, the hottest one is fluffy. One lining can be made of the combination of the fur of different length and color. The jack with removable line fur lining is a good choice for fall-winter trends.


johnnylove-norway-scandinavian-nordic-2013-2014-fall-autumn-winter-mens-lookbook-collection-preview-outerwear-jacket-parka-coat-denim-jeans-02xJackets made of natural and artificial fur on the shows of the season were presented by almost every fashion designer. In addition to the jackets with a geometric print are in trend. With jackets fashion trend for winter, men have many styles to choose. It can be standard or usual styles. The best is both standard and unusual styles, baggy and fitted, with smooth or quilted surface. Don’t be fooled, your outerwear is just as important an element of your wardrobe as any other garment. If you find yourself in need of a new, warm coat this winter season, it’s key to find one that balances quality materials, excellent workmanship, and fashion that meets your lifestyle needs. Here are several options that bring you clean, masculine lines but don’t skimp on what matters — warm fabrics and durable construction.