Classic Black Bridesmaid Dress for White Weddings

It seems like we have an endless list of weddings to attend these days, which means we’re constantly in need of some serious style advice. Thankfully, an online boutique filled with gorgeous wedding party style picks, is sharing her wisdom with us all week long. The all black look is as much of a mainstay in the fashion world as white dresses are for brides—classic, timeless, and flattering on almost everyone. We saw head-to-toe black in a number of spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear collections, and we think this trend would be great for a winter wedding!

2012-bridesmaid-dresses-078The classic wedding now is about in your hands if you are applying black bridesmaid dress. You can have a black on black style for the bridesmaid dresses. The black on black style is perfect choice because the other brides have been chose black and splashing color through the wedding dress. It is not difficult for you to find out the black dress, a lot of designs, short or long dresses options, they are waiting for you. So, be sure to pick up the right choices for the evening wedding with black dresses to get the classic styles.

monicazmaidsThe black bridesmaid dress is perfect for a black-themed wedding, and makes it easy to transition from ceremony to celebration afterwards. Pair it with gold accents like these jet black and gold drop earrings, gold bangles, and a sparkly little star necklace. Even if you live somewhere sunny, who couldn’t use a little help for adding color to bare legs in the winter? These self-tanner wipes are easy to use, and will leave you looking like you just got back from a sunny getaway. For the perfect eye, start with a base layer of this decadent gold cream eye color—it glides on like a liquid, but stays put all night. Finish it off by lining your lids with smoky black shadow, that’s accented with flecks of gold, for the perfect amount of sultry shimmer.

short-bridesmaid-dress-037Themed is not always being the choice of the brides. Now, the trend is going to be a black – themed wedding. Indeed, it is undoubted that white wedding is always impractical, soiled easy and even brings the joyful moment. So, why should wearing a black bridesmaid dress but others may have other colors? Definitely it is more than it. Wearing black could leave a classic design for wedding. And about the bridesmaids, it does not means that wearing black will add no color in wedding and no impression. Well, wearing dark could make your bridesmaids looks like glamorous and ultra – chic so that it does not matter of all to have black – wedding themed ideas.

short-bridesmaid-dress-169Another advantage wearing black dress for bridesmaids is that the dress could be worn long after the wedding, which means that they do not have to keep the dress unused in their cupboard. It is wearable in any place. Again, it does not matter of all having a black – wedding themed. If you have wedding plan with black – wedding themed ideas, make sure first that the dress have to be worn by the bridesmaids in evening wedding. It is good in order to be seen by the audience easier.


Walking on the Way to Happiness with Wedding Dress 2014

Every bride is special with your very own style, shape and personality and so it should be with your designer wedding dress. The beauty of working with wedding dress designers like Edel is her ability to take your wedding dress desires and wishes and create your dream wedding dress. To fully show your unique beauty and charm, the wedding dress doesn’t have to be with complicated design or various embellishments. A simple and pure wedding dress can be the classic style and the best choice to help you create a kind of simple beauty and happiness. If that is the feel you want, then just come with us to see how to pick a simple but pretty wedding dress to be a simple happy bride!

wedding-dresses-2013-017-1Backless, lace, and stacked are the essential elements of constituting a classic wedding dress. If coupled with a long train, then a right beautiful wedding dress is just there. Plus the bride’s slim waist and small exposed sexy, which are important ingredient to increase the bride’s charm, then a beautiful and unforgettable bride is born. Have you been moved by this simple way and want to have a try? If you do, just come and make a difference! In addition to the complicated long wedding dress, in fact, there is a simple and elegant wedding dress can also be listed as an alternative to your wedding dress list. That is the sheath wedding dress which is smooth like water and has a sense of perfect line. This close-fitting cut can fully present your charming figure. While the smooth texture reflects your taste, there is an elegant fashion sense as well. To do a simple bride is also very stylish.

13425962801Long veil has a kind of hazy beauty, which is the first requirement for a lot of brides when choosing the wedding dress. They believe only with a long train can create the feeling of being a bride. Long skirt hem props on the ground as if it is cheering a waltz. Lace veil and gloves, looming skin color, the bride’s charm gives a perfect interpretation at this moment. Are you already fond of this feel? Among those classic wedding dresses, there is always a right one for you. Therefore, to be a beautiful and unforgettable bride is not always a difficult task. We can show off a simple beauty quietly and enjoy a simple pure happiness in the big day. If you don’t like to be complicated, then a simple dress with some classic elements is just the right choice for you.

34500-1920x1080When I was a little girl, I really liked playing wedding games and became a beautiful bride. In addition, I also played computer games, some dress up games to choose the wonderful wedding dress for brides in games. I wish I will have a day becoming a happy bride. And that day is coming, I am becoming a bride in next month and I am both looking forward to it and worried much about it. I really want everything will be fine, the wedding party will take place in the happy atmosphere and everyone will be satisfied with it. I found out a lot of information from taking care of my skin, choosing wedding dress, shoes, accessories, and of course, listing how many guests in my wedding, taking photos, after that making album, booking the place to celebrate our wedding, many other things.

Choose Sexy Bridal Lingerie to Enhance Your Figure

Bridal undergarments are among the essential items that every bride must have, which is why most guests prefer giving them as shower gifts during the bridal shower. Gone are the days when bridal undergarment, primarily lingerie as was all white, as today there are so many styles and colors for those bridal pieces, from elaborate and chic to naughty style. When you are shopping for bridal apparel, keep in mind that you can go beyond plain-jane and who can wear more luxurious and alluring intimate apparel underneath your wedding gown!sexy-honeymoon-lingerie-2You can start looking for your bridal lingerie only after you have selected your dress. It must be compatible with your gown. Nothing should poke or peak out from underneath your dress, that’s for you and your future husband’s eyes only! So that’s just one more reason to be on top of things. When you start looking, you will want to go to specialty lingerie shops, where the selection is wider and of a higher quality than typical department stores. The people who work at these shops will be able to better help you as well, since they are experts in fitting lingerie and working with gowns.miranda-kerr-is-a-sexy-bride-for-the-victoria_s-secret-bridal-lingerie-collection-2After you decide on a dress design, find your favorite undergarment and bring it to your first fitting. This skimpy lingerie is going to affect the way your wedding gown fits so it’s best to buy it ahead of time. Some brides want cleavage, some prefer a more conservative style. It’ll be easier to find the appropriate negligee if you know what kind of figure you want to flaunt. Simple but sensual bridal baby olla lingerie might be just what you’re looking for. Then again, you might desire the support and boost found from wearing a bustier or corset.agentpbrideIf you have chosen a wedding gown that is strapless or one that sets off of your shoulders, you cannot wear a strapless bra. Luckily for you, this is exactly the situation for which the bustier was designed. Bustiers are sort of like strapless bras that are attached to a fabric that wraps around your torso. If your dress is completely backless, you cannot use a bustier, but must choose a different alternative. If you are a C cup or less, look into the adhesive Nu Bra, which looks real and provides ample support. If you are bustier than a C cup, you will have to use a strapless bra that connects around your waist. A strapless bustier can also be a fashion statement. Increasingly, women are wearing strapless bustiers as tops. They are sexy and sassy for a night on the town. Paired with a blazer they can even be toned down enough for less wild occasions.619302902_oYou want to look incredible on your wedding day. You want to have perfectly smooth sexiness underneath your gown so your dress compliments your fabulous figure. We suggest that you have a professional person measure you and help you find the perfect fit. You should be able to comfortably wear your wedding lingerie for at least five hours. Lots of sexy costumes feature bustier. Using a bustier in the costumes design can make even Little Red Riding Hood a red hot temptress. A witch costume complete with a bustier says no warts here, only delightfully devilish spells.

Every woman wants to feel their sexiest on their special day- enduring pokes, pricks and poorly fitting underwear doesn’t have to be a part of it. Matilda’s has stunning bridal lingerie that will feel luxurious and look lovely.

So Charming on a Purple Wedding Gown

Not that we don’t love traditional and classic bride in white…we’ve just been craving something different. These colored wedding dresses are just as gorgeous as white dresses on a bride’s wedding day, but are meant for a more daring bride who’s willing to defy tradition and March to the beat of her own drum. What do you think? Would you dare to wear yellow, green, blue, or even black on the big day? For brides who are looking for a softer look but still want to make a statement, blush is always a great option. We’ve included our favorite blush dresses towards the end of the post. Which is your favorite colored wedding dress?

purple-wedding-dresses-2012We don’t have to wear a dress with too much details or innovations if we want to be a luxurious bride in special wedding moment. Just wear a purple wedding dress can bring so much glamour nuance in our appearance as a beautiful bride. Purple dress in wedding seems unusual indeed. It is because we always know wedding dress coming in white or some similar colors. Purple is one of vibrant color scheme which usually used to reflect the luxury. And this method works effectively in colored wedding gown concept. As like black, red and blue dress for wedding, the purple dress will be more luxurious in deeper scheme instead of lighter scheme.

Handmade Flower Purple Wedding Dress 2013If purple is your favorite color, you may add some purple decorative colors on your dresses. It may be your white, pink, black, blue or some other colored dresses. Although the purple is only the decoration and have limited space of the dresses, you may still regard them as purple wedding dresses. You may add purple fabric to be combined with another colored fabric as the main material. Or, you may also add purple lace covering some parts of the dress. Purple flower can give more feminist touch to the dress. Some purple beads and sequins are also possible for more elegant or even extravagant wedding dress.

Different with the previous explanation, here the purple dominates the dresses. Pure wedding dresses seem not interesting. So, purple wedding dresses still need to be decorated. Do you have any ideas of purple wedding dresses decorations? The decoration may be in the same color, brighter or darker, or the different colors. A simple bright purple dress will be more stunning if it is covered by a darker purple lace and added by some sequins. Dark purple dress is also appropriate to be attached with some gold sequins or beads. Another example of stunning purple wedding attire is the combination of white and purple dress.


Those are the ideas of having colored wedding dress, especially the purple one. If you do not like purple, you may simply change the term with another color. Combine your favorite color with the appropriate one since having an error in a certain combination will make your dress useless. Purple wedding dresses, however, is the better one for giving elegant and feminist effects.

Wedding Make-up Tips for Brides-to-be

My favorite part of weddings, aside from all the dancing, is seeing how beautiful the bride looks. Although wedding makeup is typically very simple and neutral, it is one of the most difficult makeup looks to create. Not only does it have to be perfect for your big day, but it has to make you look like the best possible version of yourself while lasting through an entire day of kissing, hugging, crying, eating, and dancing. For me, it’s all about the dress and makeup. Since Kate Middleton, more and more brides are opting to do their own makeup. I’m a bit of a makeup junkie and surprise — I’ve done bridal makeup for women about to begin their Happily Ever After. Below, I’ve outlined my favorite wedding day makeup: a classic, natural look, but amped up.

bridal-beauty-inspiration-wedding-makeup-ideas-retro-red-lips.originalThe goal of your wedding makeup is to bring out your best features while being long lasting (although you may want to do some periodic touchups throughout the day). We recommend getting your makeup done by a professional makeup artist. Be sure to schedule a trail so that you can explain to the makeup artist exactly what you want and get a preview of the look. You’ll want waterproof mascara and long-wear lipstick. And remember, sometimes less is more. Allow the artist to make suggestions, but in the end, it is your day and you’re the one who gets to decide how you look.


When deciding on your hair and makeup for the big day, first take into account the overall ‘feel’ and theme of the event. Your beauty accents should be in-line with the theme and compliment your personality as well. If your wedding is rustic and outdoors, consider hair that is loose and undone, and maybe even skip the veil for a more casual look. Or if the wedding is an elegant black-tie affair, think about a sleek style that is timeless and polished. Although this may seem intuitive, sitting down and planning out the game plan ahead of time will help you get your desired results- and will aid your stylist and makeup artist in achieving the look and feel you are aiming for. A great way to narrow down your style is to not only use bridal magazines for dress shopping, but also to find hair and makeup looks that make you stop and say ‘ooh!’ Tear those pictures out for your planning too, so you have an easy way to show your beauty team.


Your wedding day is the day you’ll be photographed most, so you want to be sure your foundation is a good match to your skin. My favorite foundation is Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover. Available in 26 shades, you’re sure to find the best fit. Apply using a foundation brush and be sure to blend around your hairline, nose, and jaw line. Next, apply concealer where needed to cover up any skin imperfections. I like Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing, which is smooth and has full coverage. As any bride knows, there’s no such thing as “plenty of sleep” before the big day. To hide dark circles, swipe Yves St. Laurent Touch Eclat Radiant Touch in a V-pattern under your eyes. Tap using your ring finger to blend. Set your foundation using a good pressed powder- I like NARS. Add a pop of color to your cheeks with a good pinky-peach blush. Try NARS Orgasm, which has a hint of golden shimmer to highlight your cheekbones.


To amp up your eyes, start by lining your top waterline with a long-wearing kajal eyeliner- I prefer NYX Cosmetics Collection Noir Kohl Kajal Black Liner. It doesn’t smudge and will last through your happy tears. Next, apply a neutral eye shadow, such as beige, taupe, or for a little sparkle, a metallic. I like Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette. It has 12 beautiful, neutral colors that you can mix and match to your liking. My favorite wedding day shades are a Bootycall, Half Baked, and Tease. Next, take your kajal liner again and line only your top lid, getting as close to your lash line as possible. To soften the line, take an angled eyeliner brush and gently smudge, extending just past your outside lash. Don’t forget to load on two coats of waterproof mascara. I prefer Maybelline Volum’ Express Mega Plush Waterproof mascara in Blackest Black.


Finally, fill in your eyebrows. This small step makes all the difference in framing your face and completing your look. I like Chanel’s Crayon Sourcils, which has an eyebrow brush on the end for easy blending. No one wants their lipstick fading before the kiss, so look for a longwearing lip stain. I love Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in Beige Aquarelle, a peachy-pink that looks great with every skin tone. This will last all day between kisses, cake, and champagne.

Multilayered Trailing Wedding Dress

Wearing an elegant long tail wedding dress and walking on the red carpet at the wedding, is the dreamed scene in many women’s mind. Among the various long tail wedding dress styles, this one is very close to the goddess-like wedding dress. From the high waist part, it began to design a multilayered flounced effect, and also decorated with a graceful flower at the waist, plus matched with the sexy translucent lace corset, it renders a refined and elegant flavor for the bride.


When I hear the word “layers”, I immediately think of those beautiful ruffled wedding dresses from the runway that were sought-after in fall. I also think of the puffy and lovely versions I would definitely wear in winter. Wedding dresses with layers have a new spin, however, and it’s quickly becoming fashion-forward. This season’s layers consist of more deliberate and delight factor, and the fabrics and shape are much trendier than fall pieces. Sophisticated, sexy and glamorous! They are like Hollywood stars, aren’t they?


2013 latest wedding dress mainly uses the light tulle that has a rich draping sense to be crafted. On the longitudinal ruching and high-waist skirt body, it designs out folds texture and with fine craftsmanship to highlight the bride’s noble and beautiful temperament. Moreover, it inlaid a large area of silver decorations on the upper body, so it adds a bit more distinguished sense to the bride wearing a minimalist style 2013 new wedding dress. On the skirt body, it uses a double-layer design. The outer layer is a light and transparent lace fabric, while the inner layer is a rich glossy and smooth silk fabric. The mix of these two fabrics creates an incomparable fantasy atmosphere, which is really compelling. Minimalist pure white vest has a very close-to-body effect so to shape out the bride’s petite and graceful figure.

Elegant palace style wedding dress still appears in 2013 new wedding dress series. The wedding dress made of finest lace, fluffy mesh yarn and glossy satin fabric is really glamorous. On the lace corset, it is embroidered small graceful white flowers and bow belt decoration. Besides, it creates layered flouncing around the hip, which has a perfect echo with the charming large flower headdress.

colored_wedding_dress_092Long train wedding dress can also exhibit a minimalist design effect. Bateau lace neckline, translucent lace sleeves, very close-fitting effect and a large area of long train, are enough to shape the bride’s impressive figure, meanwhile, it allows the bride give out a rich noble and elegant temperament on the wedding dress. Such a court style wedding dress modeling fully presents the bride’s excellent taste for life.

How Important Is It to Your Wedding — Flower Girl Dresses

One of the most touching and important moments in life is wedding. It is a really big deal for all: groom, bride, parents and guests. The flower girl dress is the first concern of parents whenever the little girl is tasked to be a flower girl. During the wedding we have lots of roles and one of them is a flower girl. It is thought that the flower girl is a secondary person, but in fact it is not correct. Flower girl goes in front of a married couple and scatters petals. The process symbolizes the wish of a sweet and calm life.


So, as you can see, flower girl is quiet an important participant of a wedding. Of course, it is a big responsibility, so everything should go right this day. The flower girl dress can then be based on the dominant design, or pick one design element and use it also for the flower girl’s dress, either as the main design or an accessory in the flower girl’s dress.


With the main design of the flower girl dress cleared with the bride, here are several factors to consider ensuring your little girl is comfortable and pretty on the wedding day. Now we want to give you some useful advice how to choose flower girl dress. First, what you need to know is that there are lots of types of such dresses. The main aspect in selecting the dress is the age of a flower girl. It should help you to decide whether to take a dress covered in bows and ruffles, or more like a bride’s made dress. As a rule the color of the dress is the same like a bride has. Sometimes it even may look very similar, but, of course, not so rich.


When you choose the dress it is very important to have the flower girl with you. She must try on different dresses and decide which one is more comfortable for her. If a girl is old enough she can choose the variant she really likes. If she’s an infant then, of course, the decision is up to you. Also, you should consider the visual effects and advantages of each dress.

Consider the season/weather, the church, the reception venue. Will your flower girl feel cold or too warm? Where will the wedding ceremony be held? Consider if the ceremony and reception will be held indoors or out.