Dramatic Eye Make-ups for Young Girls

In various occasions every woman wants to look beautiful and sexy. One part of the body which can highlight the sexiness of a woman is the eye. Many options that eye makeup can enhance your eyes and your sexy aura. Dramatic eye makeup is a popular trend that gives your eyes some serious pop. It’s perfect for a night out on the town. You just learn dramatic eye makeup and confused where to start? While the knowledge and the ability of your makeup are not too qualified, do not worry. Here are some steps of eye makeup ideas that a simple eye makeup can make your eyes look more beautiful. Not to be confused because it’s actually easy eye makeup. All you need to have is a desire to learn and experiment. In fact, if you only have a little collection of colors and equipment, you can still learn.20120628105848_1It is common knowledge if the eyes are the windows to the heart. Eyes can radiate what is in someone’s heart. Therefore, maintaining eye health into it is no less important. To make your eyes look to be more “something” is also important. Eye makeup is the answer. As one of the most important part of the face, eye makeup quite something quite difficult. Rounded contours of the skin area with a different eye to the contours of the skin around the other face is one of the factors causing the difficulty occurred. One of the women is often chosen style Smokey eyes.

fiEffect Smokey eyes have become a trend in the fashion world today and there are no signs that this trend will end. Smokey eyes makeup can reinforce your eye line and make you look sexier. This eye makeup also be an option for you the sad-eyed or slanted to zoom in your eyes. Smokey eyes are the key of the color mix. Specify the colors to be combined must be harmonious. Use a darker base color. The combination of matching are: a young golden base color with dark purple on top, champagne base color with bright blue and peach base with green color.30-Glamorous-Eye-Makeup-Ideas-for-Dramatic-Look-30-620x620

Perhaps, the main eye makeup is a must-have women’s eye shadow. This is due to a variety of eye shadow can create the illusion of eye to eye may seem soft, sexy, or even violent. Eye makeup for brown eyes isn’t that difficult. Many women would like eyeliner because it can make a sharper eye makeup like a cat’s eye and it suits eye makeup for small eyes. Eyeliner has a variety of forms such as pencils, gels, liquids, and powders.

2There are lots of young girls in their teens and women in their earlier twenties who do like to flaunt the power of pink. The question is how do you get it done? You can use comfortable ochre color pot on the lid coupled with hush eye darkness on the internal cover, pink eye shadow at the middle from the cover, Design eye darkness just round the internal crimp, hush eye darkness again but this time through just over a crimp, cranberry eye shadow within the external cover, synthetic eye shadow within the reduced lash collection, Vex eye shadow on the brow, and Feline kohl on the lower lash collection and you’ll may be the kinky and organic pink look.

Do not forget to wear lipstick that suits your style Smokey eyes. You can choose a soft color lipstick or near skin color. Nude or coral color choices with a little lip gloss can increase the effect of sexy Smokey eyes. Maximize your look with Smokey eyes wearing oversized statement accessories that will make all eyes are on you.


Ladies’ Make-up Tips for Christmas Party

Christmas is always jam packed and its celebration last till the end of December. You must be seeking around the web for Christmas stuff. Girl’s hue is all set to bombard you with charismas collection. I hope you have a cool time going through our Christmas collection. Whether you are ready or not, the holiday season is just coming soon. Even if you already have your Thanksgiving dinner planned and your Christmas shopping done. On this holiday season you will attend numerous social parties. Make sure your make-up bag is ready for onslaught of Christmas parties and Christmas cheer. Following given you a few tips to help you add something a little special to your look!


Flirty, fun and fantastical – festival season may be drawing to a close but this year’s boohoo chic look is set to continue into autumn and Christmas party season. For make-up, think elaborate and ethereal – glitter, gold leaf embellishment, topped off by stunning eyelashes. Don’t get disappointed if you can’t use liquid eye liners. This winter, liquid eye liner precision is replaced by careless eye pencil lines. Draw the line along the eye lashes with a pencil liner and smudge for creating smoky eyes effect. Then, use a brush or your finger to draw the line further to your temples. Apply golden eye shadows around inner and outer corners of the eyes.


Adding glitter to the eyes can look stunning when it’s done well. Eye glitter can be hard to control, so you will need to use a cream eye shadow or eye primer first to get the best effect. Of course, if you are not into bold colors and like to stay in the natural zone have no fear because you will be trendy as well.  These stunning images are part of an innovative concept from two London-based artists who started off drawing and painting on people. Calling themselves ‘Skin Illustrators’, In Your Dreams have built up a following from festivals and are now extending the brand to create a unique range of luxury, hand-made festival-wear and products. First up, feather and embellished eyelashes. Next, temporary tattoos for the face, body and nails, launching in 2014.


Lips are considered to be very sensual and they can have a very powerful attraction attached. What you need is to choose the right color. Don’t try to pick the lipstick exactly matching the color of your holiday dress. It’s boring and out of fashion. It’s important that full sensual lip is the way to go if you consider your lips to be your best facial feature. This season there are loads of beautiful bright and deep shades of red and pink lipsticks. As for the skin, it is a mistake to think that oily shine would add more beauty to your image. Don’t use your powder very often trying to make your skin look matte. You’ll get a lifeless mask instead. Use oil absorbing tissues instead. Doing your makeup, apply T-zone cosmetics and then use a long-lasting foundation cream with matte effect. The foundation will prevent oily shine in the midst of the party. By the way, for better effect you can mix the foundation with matte fluid in 2:1 proportion.

Every Woman’s Need—– a Cosmetic Bag

As professional women we need to be ready for anything at all times!  There is no woman in this world, who can survive without cosmetics and it is a fact. Even an old lady would be using them not for the sake of beautifying herself but to look good whenever she goes out. Personally, I always overbook myself and I cannot say how many times my cosmetic bag has saved my life! However, my bag was always a big mess! Ideally, our cosmetic bags are cute, portable and filled with the absolute essential cosmetics.

women-s-princess-cosmetic-bag-handbag-house-package-bag-53b8However, we are all guilty of stuffing our cosmetic bags with makeup we don’t actually need. This ‘I’ll just take it all’ approach is both a waste of space and make up! I knew I had to make a change in order to turn my cosmetic bag from a big mess to a beauty survival kit. With that idea in mind I began a long editing process during which I had to compromise and rethink my definition of essential. At first, it was hard to limit my choices but after some give and take I was able to narrow down my choices without feeling I was missing something important.

632322977_108These are the bags that are designed to bring in the mobility issue for the cosmetics you need on a daily basis. Whether you are moving for your workplace or for a party, currently you’ll be able to simply carry such hanging cosmetic bag with you for the desired place. Inside such bag you’ll be able to keep your required cosmetics during a safe manner and will use them whenever you need. Well, that seems to be a great option. Cosmetic luggage is the little equipments however they’re always important.

Nowadays, you’ll be able to avail hanging cosmetic bag in several vogue and designs. These little baggage additionally vary in color and price. If you’re wanting for one of the foremost elegant bag within the market, then it’s time to go for the Internet. It’s the place where you may draw some sensible deal on your purchase of hanging cosmetic bag. These cosmetic luggage could range from easy to practical. You can use these bags for different places like while moving for the gym. A hanging cosmetic bag could be a chic item that may be carried for a party or when you’re moving for your next tour. These baggage are perpetually good on use and proven to be handy enough for most of the users. Such baggage are also coming back with totally different materials such as velour, silk and leather.


A simple lipstick, face power, sunscreen, a lip balm, and face wash are some of the essentials that a female should have in her bag. You cannot expect to look the same the entire day. The sweating, exposure to the sun, air, and dust will surely ruin your looks. Thus, you will have to maintain yourself and for that, these simple cosmetics need to be available in your bag. If you are such a person, who likes to keep a small bottle of lotion or perfume, then make sure that you get a cosmetic bag for this purpose. You can easily find a large sized bag in which you can fit in all these things as well as your other cosmetics.

Beauty Style ——- Long Curly Lace Wigs

Do you ever wonder how celebrities always have different styled hair that is perfectly coiffed? What is their secret? They use lace wigs. While celebrities use this method, individuals who are losing hair or are suffering from hair loss due to illness or chemotherapy can utilize the lace wig rather than the conventional wigs one used to buy in a wig store. Lace wigs have a supremely natural appearance. They’re created by weaving hair, natural or synthetic, into a skin colored lace cap. The natural appearance is the result of the hair being able to sit directly on the wearer’s head – like natural hair. Lace wigs are also immensely popular because the hair can be colored, styled, highlighted, and worn for several weeks.

111100_1When people think about curly wigs, some instantly envision those large 18th century powdered French wigs. But curly wigs have many more applications and styles these days, including religious purposes, and are even used by high-profile entertainers. What’s more, for those who are enduring chemotherapy, wigs are a special and humanizing touch and solution to the irksome issue of hair loss. Fortunately, today’s curly wigs come in various shapes, styles, colors and textures. There are several different kinds of lace wigs. The first is the full lace cap which can be placed on the head with either an adhesive or bobby pin and the hairs are tied in. The second type is called a lace front wig which means that that the lace cap covers only the front of the head while the back of the head may incorporate a different material. The type of lace used is either made out of a long lasting French lace or the more delicate Swiss lace.

human_hair_fullwigs_22_inch_wavy_4People with curly hair tend to want straight and people with straight hair tend to want theirs to be curly. With wigs, you can have the best of both worlds. When choosing one, keep in mind that the best curly wig is the one that makes you look and feel great. You will want to examine the style of the wig, the color of the hair, the type of hair from which it is made, and the type of curl. Decide if long, short, loose, or tight curls are best for you. If you aren’t up for trying on every single wig that appeals to you, you can hold several different styles near your face to get an idea of how they will look. Typically, long curly hairstyles are quick to create since the curls and cut determine the shape the hairstyles form. Styling generally requires some product, typically liquid gels in various forms and strengths, to keep the hair settled and styled. This hairstyle on lace front wigs gives a casual look as modern variations.


Caring for long curly wigs is also important. Some types can be re-curled to create a new look while others cannot. It is important to know the difference so you don’t damage your wig. Also, follow cleaning and brushing instructions precisely to keep your curly wig in good condition. Some wigs can be brushed but others may require special tools. You will also need a good place to store your wig when not in use. A wig stand will help retain shape and style. Do not store wigs near heat sources. If you don’t particularly want people to notice that you are wearing a wig, try to choose one that is as much like your own hair as possible. Similar length, style, and color will be important attributes.

Wedding Make-up Tips for Brides-to-be

My favorite part of weddings, aside from all the dancing, is seeing how beautiful the bride looks. Although wedding makeup is typically very simple and neutral, it is one of the most difficult makeup looks to create. Not only does it have to be perfect for your big day, but it has to make you look like the best possible version of yourself while lasting through an entire day of kissing, hugging, crying, eating, and dancing. For me, it’s all about the dress and makeup. Since Kate Middleton, more and more brides are opting to do their own makeup. I’m a bit of a makeup junkie and surprise — I’ve done bridal makeup for women about to begin their Happily Ever After. Below, I’ve outlined my favorite wedding day makeup: a classic, natural look, but amped up.

bridal-beauty-inspiration-wedding-makeup-ideas-retro-red-lips.originalThe goal of your wedding makeup is to bring out your best features while being long lasting (although you may want to do some periodic touchups throughout the day). We recommend getting your makeup done by a professional makeup artist. Be sure to schedule a trail so that you can explain to the makeup artist exactly what you want and get a preview of the look. You’ll want waterproof mascara and long-wear lipstick. And remember, sometimes less is more. Allow the artist to make suggestions, but in the end, it is your day and you’re the one who gets to decide how you look.


When deciding on your hair and makeup for the big day, first take into account the overall ‘feel’ and theme of the event. Your beauty accents should be in-line with the theme and compliment your personality as well. If your wedding is rustic and outdoors, consider hair that is loose and undone, and maybe even skip the veil for a more casual look. Or if the wedding is an elegant black-tie affair, think about a sleek style that is timeless and polished. Although this may seem intuitive, sitting down and planning out the game plan ahead of time will help you get your desired results- and will aid your stylist and makeup artist in achieving the look and feel you are aiming for. A great way to narrow down your style is to not only use bridal magazines for dress shopping, but also to find hair and makeup looks that make you stop and say ‘ooh!’ Tear those pictures out for your planning too, so you have an easy way to show your beauty team.


Your wedding day is the day you’ll be photographed most, so you want to be sure your foundation is a good match to your skin. My favorite foundation is Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover. Available in 26 shades, you’re sure to find the best fit. Apply using a foundation brush and be sure to blend around your hairline, nose, and jaw line. Next, apply concealer where needed to cover up any skin imperfections. I like Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing, which is smooth and has full coverage. As any bride knows, there’s no such thing as “plenty of sleep” before the big day. To hide dark circles, swipe Yves St. Laurent Touch Eclat Radiant Touch in a V-pattern under your eyes. Tap using your ring finger to blend. Set your foundation using a good pressed powder- I like NARS. Add a pop of color to your cheeks with a good pinky-peach blush. Try NARS Orgasm, which has a hint of golden shimmer to highlight your cheekbones.


To amp up your eyes, start by lining your top waterline with a long-wearing kajal eyeliner- I prefer NYX Cosmetics Collection Noir Kohl Kajal Black Liner. It doesn’t smudge and will last through your happy tears. Next, apply a neutral eye shadow, such as beige, taupe, or for a little sparkle, a metallic. I like Urban Decay’s Naked2 palette. It has 12 beautiful, neutral colors that you can mix and match to your liking. My favorite wedding day shades are a Bootycall, Half Baked, and Tease. Next, take your kajal liner again and line only your top lid, getting as close to your lash line as possible. To soften the line, take an angled eyeliner brush and gently smudge, extending just past your outside lash. Don’t forget to load on two coats of waterproof mascara. I prefer Maybelline Volum’ Express Mega Plush Waterproof mascara in Blackest Black.


Finally, fill in your eyebrows. This small step makes all the difference in framing your face and completing your look. I like Chanel’s Crayon Sourcils, which has an eyebrow brush on the end for easy blending. No one wants their lipstick fading before the kiss, so look for a longwearing lip stain. I love Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain in Beige Aquarelle, a peachy-pink that looks great with every skin tone. This will last all day between kisses, cake, and champagne.