Classic Black Bridesmaid Dress for White Weddings

It seems like we have an endless list of weddings to attend these days, which means we’re constantly in need of some serious style advice. Thankfully, an online boutique filled with gorgeous wedding party style picks, is sharing her wisdom with us all week long. The all black look is as much of a mainstay in the fashion world as white dresses are for brides—classic, timeless, and flattering on almost everyone. We saw head-to-toe black in a number of spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear collections, and we think this trend would be great for a winter wedding!

2012-bridesmaid-dresses-078The classic wedding now is about in your hands if you are applying black bridesmaid dress. You can have a black on black style for the bridesmaid dresses. The black on black style is perfect choice because the other brides have been chose black and splashing color through the wedding dress. It is not difficult for you to find out the black dress, a lot of designs, short or long dresses options, they are waiting for you. So, be sure to pick up the right choices for the evening wedding with black dresses to get the classic styles.

monicazmaidsThe black bridesmaid dress is perfect for a black-themed wedding, and makes it easy to transition from ceremony to celebration afterwards. Pair it with gold accents like these jet black and gold drop earrings, gold bangles, and a sparkly little star necklace. Even if you live somewhere sunny, who couldn’t use a little help for adding color to bare legs in the winter? These self-tanner wipes are easy to use, and will leave you looking like you just got back from a sunny getaway. For the perfect eye, start with a base layer of this decadent gold cream eye color—it glides on like a liquid, but stays put all night. Finish it off by lining your lids with smoky black shadow, that’s accented with flecks of gold, for the perfect amount of sultry shimmer.

short-bridesmaid-dress-037Themed is not always being the choice of the brides. Now, the trend is going to be a black – themed wedding. Indeed, it is undoubted that white wedding is always impractical, soiled easy and even brings the joyful moment. So, why should wearing a black bridesmaid dress but others may have other colors? Definitely it is more than it. Wearing black could leave a classic design for wedding. And about the bridesmaids, it does not means that wearing black will add no color in wedding and no impression. Well, wearing dark could make your bridesmaids looks like glamorous and ultra – chic so that it does not matter of all to have black – wedding themed ideas.

short-bridesmaid-dress-169Another advantage wearing black dress for bridesmaids is that the dress could be worn long after the wedding, which means that they do not have to keep the dress unused in their cupboard. It is wearable in any place. Again, it does not matter of all having a black – wedding themed. If you have wedding plan with black – wedding themed ideas, make sure first that the dress have to be worn by the bridesmaids in evening wedding. It is good in order to be seen by the audience easier.


Must-have Strapless Bridesmaid Dress

Let’s face it – bridesmaids come in lots of different shapes and sizes, so why shouldn’t their dresses! Allowing bridesmaids to find a dress that flatters their unique figure mean getting the bride off the hook when it comes to choosing a style that will make everyone happy. Choosing fashionable and flattering bridesmaid dresses will make your bridesmaids more confident and keep a genuine smile on their faces. Enjoy our selection of bridesmaid dresses and make sure you read our posts regularly in order to be in touch with the newest fashion trends!


There are so many kinds of bridesmaid dresses which are all in sophisticated design and modest style. The different length can be divided into the tea-length, the full length and the knee length. The different styles can be divided into the strapless, sweetheart one, V-neck one and he backless one. When consists of the right design, right colour and the right style, the bridesmaid gown can be just as perfect as the wedding dress.

bridesmaid-dress-with-a-sash-011Strapless style is elegant. The whole look is simple and don’t usurp bride’s shine. And this style fit for most brides even those fat ones with plump bottom. Long dress design is suitable for beach wedding. You can buy a strapless bridesmaid dress for particular purpose and wear it on various occasions. You can choose unique and trendy style to attend your graduation ball. Such style looks like a bridesmaid outfit.

It is almost impossible for girls to reject sweet and lovely strapless bridesmaid dress. This kind of dress is often very attractive in the crowd. If you are really a strapless dress fan, you can just do it. As for the length of it, it can fall just beneath the knees, and you can also choose the length according to your own preference.

2012-bridesmaid-dresses-091Furthermore, color is also a vital part of the dress as well. It is certain that you have a range of options. For example, you can choose the color the same as the bride, or the opposite color of the bride. It is common that the bridesmaid dress in the same color as the bride. You can also take advice from the experienced people and make a good decision.

As many clothes of summer can be designed with strapless, strapless bridesmaid dresses have to be designed into many styles. Some bridesmaid dresses are short which just reach above the knees. Some bridesmaid dresses are very long which can sweep the floor when a bridesmaid wears it walking. Some dresses are tea-length which reaches between the knees and the ankles. Some other dresses are knee-length which means the dresses just reach the knees.

Pretty & Sweet Bridesmaid Dress

In the western countries, the bridesmaids are always the best friends, cousins or sisters of the brides. They always wear beautiful clothes and hold flowers to attend the bride. They will add the beauty of the bride anyway. It’s an obvious honor when a longtime BFF or super-close family member asks you to be a part of their special day, but once the initial excitement wears off, the dread sets in: Will you end up paying a ton for a tacky, unflattering bridesmaid dress with a too-big bow, complete with a matching shawl?

2012-bridesmaid-dresses-018Your dress may even resemble a wedding one but it’s short and the wedding dress is long. Look at the inspiring designs below and find your own perfect bridesmaid’s dress! Bridesmaid dresses come in all types, designs and colors but not all of them are meant to bring in the freshness style of short bridesmaid dresses.

There are so many ideas for a short bridesmaid’s dress and all the hottest trends are realized by the designers. The short bridesmaid dresses are now popular now in the current market. They are often in bright colors such as red, blue, green, purple, black and other colors. They will look more beautiful with the white dress of the bride.

2012-bridesmaid-dresses-065These dresses are found in long sleeves, short sleeves and even sleeveless designs. There is low neck, shoulder-less tops and other types of neck lines. You can decorate the dress with satin flowers, ribbons, silk belts and other embellishments. As for your footwear, you can wear sandals, heel shoes and other simple shoes.

A couple of the shades might have come as a surprise to you, but for the most part, the colors I chose were classic, dark shades that in my opinion are universally flattering. And so as promised, today we’ll be taking a look at a short list of colors that I consider to be the least flattering colors when it comes to bridesmaid dresses.

2012-bridesmaid-dresses-019Purple is a leading choice for bridesmaid dresses, denoting femininity and gracefulness with underlying elegance. Purple is a popular color for weddings, combining the sophistication of blue and the energy of red. And with so many beloved purple-hued wedding florals, such as lavender, orchid, lilac and anemones, there are plenty of bouquet options to choose from; there is no denying that wearing the color red will make a statement. This is likely why red is one of the least common dress options for bridesmaids, for fear that it might detract from the bride herself. We love the bold look, though, and think red is a beautiful way to highlight the woman in white!

2014 Fashion & Popular Style Wedding Party Dress

A wedding invitation has been received. But what to wear to weddings becomes a hard problem for most ladies. Wedding party dresses are occasion specific. They include prom dresses, cocktail party dresses, wedding party dresses and casual evening dresses. Every kind of dress follows certain size standards. For example, while selecting an evening dress, you need to focus on your body shape, which can be pear, hourglass, slim, athletic, apple or flabby.

2013-bridesmaid-dress-hot-007Each lady would like to be best and charming at her unique unforgettable night time with your ex night out. Therefore, choosing a suited and beautiful prom dress can be viewed as the priority. In some cases, the formality of dress expected of the wedding guests will be explicitly written on the invitation. For example, the invitation may specify that the wedding is black-tie, formal, semi-formal, casual, etc. In some cases, the bride and groom may want their guests to wear something specific to fit a theme, (for example, Hawaiian-themed dress) or they may request everyone wear a specific color.

bridesmaid-dresses-067By all means, follow these instructions if they are given. The same applies if the bride or groom tells you the dress code directly. If it is not specified whether the wedding is formal, casual, etc., you generally can’t go wrong in assuming the dress code is semi-formal. If you follow this rule, you’ll typically be one notch less dressy than the wedding party and will look both classy and respectful.

What matters most on a wedding party is to be smart and presentable, because people will judge you and respect you basing on the way you portray yourself, so make sure that you give them a great first impression by dressing the best outfit for the party. Different colors of the wedding party dress can be chosen to be worn. But the common colors of the wedding party dresses are; blue, light-bluish, white, and pinkish/reddish because the look remarkably great on many ladies.

bridesmaid-dresses-093In the end, I’ll present some other regular rules for you: Ladies, don’t wear white; never wear jeans; Take a cue from the venue; Note the season and the time of the day; don’t wear anything too flashy. Similarly, people often like to wear lighter colors to spring and summer weddings, and darker colors to fall and winter weddings; Just avoid sexy club-wear – like a tight, super-short dress or a very low-cut top – and clothing that is shiny, sequined, or otherwise attention-grabbing; Wear something you’ll be comfortable because most weddings last for several hours.

Look So Pretty in Pink Bridesmaid Dress

Bridesmaids are always a streak of beautiful scenery in the wedding. The selection for the bridesmaid dresses is an important and difficult task as well. Wedding bridesmaid dresses outfit to consider three aspects: the choice of the wedding, the bride and myself. What size is the wedding ceremony, what subject is the most important?  The second is the bride what to wear.


Pink is always the first choice for girls because it is sweet, cute and romantic. I believe every girl has a pink dress! Pink is also the best color for girls if they have a princess dream. So it is not surprise that in warm day, pink is usually the first option for wedding color! Soft pink appears stunning whenever completed in vintage slashes with regard to bridesmaid gowns, for example bustier A-line (possibly knee length or even flooring duration). In addition, it seems gorgeous as the shade with regard to flowing chiffon dresses in the Grecian goddess style.


Pink bridesmaid dresses is the color of the bridesmaids often choose. It does not lose its cute pure, choose the right style can also be very fashionable. Must be near the knee length, the longest cannot pass the calf, also cannot too short, short is too revealing. Choice of the small western-style beautiful wedding dresses, Chinese wedding dress and cheongsam and general, but the color must be a little festival. Too individual character, the theme of the wedding is about to discriminate, but generally this kind of circumstance should be new to prepare for the bridesmaid dresses.


With a pink thin silk dress, the bright color makes people impressive. Pink is a festive and lively color, and the preferred choice for a lot of women of all ages. Pink will make people amplified charming, gentle, lovely and full of vitality. Pink is also the color of elegance, which will make people look generous and decent. The bustier gown might look wonderful any time accented simply by pearl bridesmaid jeweler sets. For that goddess style, the actual teams of bridesmaid diamond jewelry needs to be petite and also dangly.


Bridesmaids will definitely love your choice for giving them a chance to show their elegance and beauty to others in pink. I have to say, there is no color will be more popular than pink for a perfect bridesmaid dress! Whatever your style, there exists a color of pink which will look good for the dresses. Pick the color which you feel may work best with your wedding as well as your family and friends.

Column/ Sheath Bridesmaid Dress UK

You may have found that there are really no fixed styles for bridesmaid dresses nowadays. Various bridesmaid dresses are varied in all kinds of designs. Sometimes you can just even pick one prom dress from your closet to wear it as a bridesmaid dress for a slightly casual wedding. This trend may be resulted from the more casual weddings. Young couples today desire less formality for their weddings and all they want is the relaxing tone.


This style has a clear shape. It has a narrow shape which can flow straight down from the top to the bottom. Besides that, this style also has another name as a sheath because this shape seems like giving you a hug to your body as well as showing your curves clearly.


However, I do think that the bridesmaid dress should have its own specific style that different from a normal dress. A pretty and timeless bridesmaid dress will benefit not only the bridesmaid, but also the bride. No matter what the theme of your wedding is, it should be harmonious with all kinds of dresses. The following are the timeless styles of bridesmaid dresses that you cannot go wrong with one of them for any wedding.


You can also choose different champagne bridesmaid dress for different bridesmaids to make sure all of them can feel unique and special in this the life-time memory.In order to look like Hannah the most essential item required is the infamous wig. Therefore many parents across the nation have been on a quest for just that. Of course there are plenty of blonde wigs available on the market, but if it isn labeled as a Hannah Montana wig it just isn the same..