Men’s Winter Jacket for the Coming 2014

Whether (Weather) we like to or not winter is settling in? As the months get colder and the days get shorter, it’s inevitable that winter’s on its way. Nothing can liven up a man’s winter wardrobe and beat the cold quite like a good quality winter coat or jacket, but in a season as hectic as winter, it’s all too easy to leave it until its almost too late before you go out and find the one you want. So what coats are you wanting to rug yourself into this coming winter?  To make it simple, there are a handful of options to keep in mind before you make your purchase, not least the choice of style over function. Keep it stylish, keep it dark and keep it simple. Investing in a few coats may seem excessive but winter blues will get to you.


So re-vamping your wardrobe and your style will certainly be great for those winter moods swings. I find men always go for big coats so they can put as many thick pieces of clothing underneath it. I call this chunky fat syndrome. Those days are gone. Layering is the key here. Let’s face it how many of us are running around the Antarctic. We all use public transport and on any given day are mainly under cover most of the time. So you need coats that will balance your body type and not make you look like puff daddy gone wrong. The spectrum of winter coats that fits this description is large; this season’s jackets come in different designs, shapes and colors.


Many jacket designs this season you can choose are parkas, sports, straight double-breasted and single-breasted designs. The hottest length of men’s jacket is the one to the waist or a little bit below the waist. In addition, down-padded coats, sheepskin coat are also relevant, jackets made of fur and various fabrics are in fashion. Occasionally asymmetrical biker buckle is designed in a cut. The suitable material for the winter is fur. We can use the fur for many different aims like the base material or the lining. There are many types of fur, the hottest one is fluffy. One lining can be made of the combination of the fur of different length and color. The jack with removable line fur lining is a good choice for fall-winter trends.


johnnylove-norway-scandinavian-nordic-2013-2014-fall-autumn-winter-mens-lookbook-collection-preview-outerwear-jacket-parka-coat-denim-jeans-02xJackets made of natural and artificial fur on the shows of the season were presented by almost every fashion designer. In addition to the jackets with a geometric print are in trend. With jackets fashion trend for winter, men have many styles to choose. It can be standard or usual styles. The best is both standard and unusual styles, baggy and fitted, with smooth or quilted surface. Don’t be fooled, your outerwear is just as important an element of your wardrobe as any other garment. If you find yourself in need of a new, warm coat this winter season, it’s key to find one that balances quality materials, excellent workmanship, and fashion that meets your lifestyle needs. Here are several options that bring you clean, masculine lines but don’t skimp on what matters — warm fabrics and durable construction.


A Classic Trench Coat for All Seasons

As it goes, the trench coat first became popular during World War 1 after originally being developed for the British military. And the classic design is not too dissimilar to what is now recognized by many as the traditional trench coat – double breasted with slotted pockets, an adaptable collar and four buttons. Elements of the original trench coat design that were created for practicality, are now just included for style. Different designers now re-create the trench coat to provide a range of different features around the same style. Indeed, fashionistas can now choose from double breasted or single breasted, cropped or full length, belted and even wax-coated.

emma-watson-wearing-burberry-trench-coatThere’s always that funny transitional time between summer and fall, and winter to spring, when you need something that keeps your warm enough, but is light enough you can layer if you need to. The classic trench is a piece that no wardrobe can go without. It is arguably the most versatile coats you can purchase, and it’s definitely something worth spending some good coin on. Choose colors that are timeless like black, tan, or even red. So, why has the trench coat developed such a strong appeal, year after year? One obvious reason is the British weather; trench coats can provide a practical but trendy cover-up. Furthermore, they have an all-weather appeal, with designs including a removable liner, which can last you through all seasons.

trench-coat-for-women-1A trench coat is basically a raincoat made of heavy duty cotton drill, poplin, leather or wool gabardine. While it was developed as an alternative to heavy overcoats for soldiers during the First World War, today trench coats for women are stylish and trendy. They don’t just protect you from the rain and wind but add a certain chic to your appearance.  Women’s trench coats are great because they can be fashionable and functional at the same time. They can also range in size and price, so if you are in the market for women’s trench coats, you should have no problem finding one to agree with your taste and checkbook.

Back in the days of the Wild West, leather trench coats were referred to as dusters. This is because the environment in which people lived was, well, a dusty one and those people tended to get covered up by that dust, especially when traveling by horse back.  A beautiful woman in good trench exudes a certain easy independence, with the right touch of arrogance. She makes you wonder: who is she? What secrets are hiding in those coat pockets? Want to find the right coat that won’t make you look like a bulky Christmas tree or a fashion disaster from last season’s closet? The following are the latest trench coat trends out on the runway this season.

2013-spring-fashion-outerwear-cotton-font-b-coat-b-font-women-font-b-European-b-fontThere are many great features that are associated with men’s trench coats, including: belted closure, inside pockets, outside pockets, hand warmer pockets and satin or polyester linings. Many materials can be used in the making of men’s trench coats, including: cotton, leather, nylon, polyester, twill and even lambskin! Trench coats are good choices because they have been primarily built to keep people warm during the winter season. In fact, if you review your history you will find that these were worn by European soldiers back in World War I. Due to a few alterations; these military clothing pieces have become a good choice for everyday indoor and outdoor activities.

Burberry-Prorsum-Trench-Coats-For-Women-2Trench coats remain in fashion but the fabrics and styles adopted continue to update. With a range of fabrics from tartan to classic grey wool and a variety of lengths from cropped, full length and three quarter length, the trench coat has been brought back into this century. Of course, bringing a classic up to date can be difficult, as it involves embracing the original elements of the design with new features that will appeal to the current trend setters. But trench coats continue to retain their popularity year after year, season after season.

Style This Cold Winter by Wearing Wedge Heels

When it comes to selecting footwear, ankle boots are stylish and comfortable choice for the chilly cold weather. These boots are your simple ankle boots but with a wedge heel. They provide both height and relative comfort at the same time. One of the hottest trends for fall are wedge boots which give you a beautiful lift with the comfort of a wedge heel. When choosing the right style of boots, consider the nature of the event that you will be attending, the outfit with which you’ll be pairing it that makes you feel relaxed. Here, you can find some awesome styles of wearing ankle wedge boots that make you look elegant yet more feminine.

Fashion-Knee-Boots-Wedge-Boots-warm-black-tan-Y-F-1038-free-shippingWedge heels comprise one piece of material that is often thicker at the back than the front, as compared to platform heels where one height is balanced throughout the heel. The wedge is one of the most comfortable types of sole for footwear since it distributes the entire weight of the foot on the sole. They give you height without sacrificing comfort. Wedge heels create the illusion of thinner that ankles and lengthens the legs, without foot and ankle problems that are associated with skinnier heels.

6a00d83451c76a69e20133f4df955f970bThe great thing about these types of boots is that they come in a variety of styles to suit everyone’s fashion needs. It is therefore very important for you to know the kind of wedged ankle boot suitable for you. For instance, when worn with a short skirt, wedge ankle boots will make your legs appear longer making this combination perfect for people who do not have long legs. They also come in a variety of colors and the choice is yours to make though a few rules still apply. For example, black boots will appear too heavy when worn with dark colored skinny-jeans especially during the winter.

Wedge-Boots-Fashion-LookAs mentioned earlier, one of the things you should look out for when combining these boots with skinny jeans is color. You may end up looking like you are anchored to the ground if you get the color wrong. Also, if you have a small body, dark wedge shoes will have the same effect mentioned above when worn with skinny jeans. It is therefore advisable to avoid wearing boots with skinny jeans if you are tiny.

The best material for wedge ankle boots is leather, especially if you are looking for durability. Leather shoes will not only give you a classy look but will most likely last longer than any other material. Since boots are not worn much, it is very important that you properly store your leather boots so that they are not affected by moisture. In addition, make sure that your ankle boots fit you perfectly as bigger one will definitely not look good on you while small ones can be harmful to your feet.


Wedge ankle boots are designed to equally distribute your body weight throughout your feet while giving you a nice feminine look. They are perfect for you if you are looking to get that elegant and stylish look from high heeled shoes and still get the comfort of flat sandals. For cold seasons, bundle up in a great coat and skinny jeans in wedge boots such as Minka Kelly seen here in Ray-Ban and Theodora scarf. Let your scarf complement the entire look.

Fashion Over-the-knee Boot for Winter Footwear

Now that autumn is upon us, and winter is nearing, it is time to put some serious thought into our cold weather wardrobes. Women’s boots are a functional albeit stylish necessity for dressing your best in the frigid winter months. Women’s boots come in a variety of shapes, styles and textures to suit any personality and occasion.

One of the most popular styles to hit the runways this season is over knee boots that feature fleece lining with a suede shell. Most have a flat rubber sole, and some have a convertible cuff that allows you to wear them above or below the knee. This style of boot will keep you toasty and warm all winter long. There are wide ranges of choices from studded, spiked, sleek, and sturdy boots that compliments well with almost everything. From stylish to trashy, these boots can be the perfect pick to hit the town this winter! Here are few rules to wear over-the-knee boots when rocking the season’s trend!

Fall-Over-the-Knee-BootsWhen wearing knee high boots, you should carefully consider your clothing choices. To maintain a classier look, you should avoid skimpy clothing and make sure you cover up your bottom half by wearing leggings or jeans. Throw on a loose knit jumper and your new black leather over knee boots will complete your look. Joggings are leggings that are made to look like your favorite pair of jeans, and nothing sets them off like thigh high boots. Wear a relaxed pair with a flat heel, or opt for a platform. It used to be that riding boots were reserved for horseback riding, but you do not have to saddle up to get the classic look.


Wear your favorite new boots with skinny jeans, or go for a dressier look and pair them with a sweater dress. Jodhpurs come in a variety of colors and fabrics and look great on any body type. Add a peplum riding jacket with a velvet collar and cuffs and you will be ready for your hot date. The way that you wear over knee boots is really up to you, but if you want to put your best foot forward there are a few things to remember. Size is everything and if you often have your shoes or boots off before the night is over, it is imperative that you get the right size, especially in the calf area. To find your perfect fit, use a tape measure and wrap it around the largest part of your calf and be sure that the tape is snug.

PicMonkey Collage4

It is important that you measure both calves as it is rare that they will both be the same size. Order the dimension that is the largest for the best possible fit. Over the knee boots can go up to your thigh, or hit you just above your knee. Make sure that you measure the total length from the sole of your foot to the place where you want your new boots to end up. Comfort is king and it is important that your new boots do not hit you in the crease of your knee.

January-Jones-in-Alexander-Wang-Sigrid-Over-the-Knee-Boots-with-Notched-HeelBoots look great with any outfit, and if you have been toying with the idea of buying a new pair you should consider over knee boots. Everyone can wear them even if you have large or small legs, as fitted sizes are available for both narrow and wide calves.

Fashionable Leather Clothing for Women

What we wear on the upper part of our body plays a very important role in sprucing up our appearance. Having a presentable appearance is of prime importance these days, and therefore it becomes imperative that we don’t just wear something good but also something unique that would make us stand out in the crowd. Unconventionality is the key word, and what could be better than leather tops for creating that perfect unconventional look? There are various fabrics and designs available these days which just provides the contemporary woman with a variety of options on a platter.

leather-dresses-2012Leather apparel has been a constant trend in fashion. From the beginning, man has worn animal hide (leather) in some form as clothing. Romans wore thick leather kilt-like garments in conjunction with their armor. Even primitive peoples across the globe wore leather as clothes. Fast forward to modern times, and leather apparel is still prized as a fashion statement. There are many different choices of leather clothing pieces to choose from, for instance: shirts, pants, chaps, vests, jackets, lingerie, skirts and even full tailored suites. These styles are designed for men and women and come in a variety of colors, prints, and animal types.

Leather Clothing1Although leather apparel is mainstream and worn by anyone from doctors, lawyers, and even teachers, there is still the party clothes and biker-wear. Popular party wear clothes are short leather mini-skirts and halter or corset-style tops. Sexy skin tight mini dresses, cat suites and hot pants are other widely worn garments, especially by the younger generation into the club scene. They are available in an array of colors as well, but usually worn in black or red. A red lamb leather halter vest with a tuxedo style cut would look fantastically edgy if you really want to create a statement.

Autumn-women-s-outerwear-women-s-leather-clothing-2012-slim-women-s-fashion-normicLeather vests, pants, chaps and jackets are the most worn biker-wear items. These are usually worn in black or other darker colors and made from the heartier leathers as to hold up in the elements. Another common trait of the biker-wear leather is fringe and/or braided accents. There is a branch of more modern biker leather garments that incorporate padding and bright colors like red, yellow and green that is marketed to those that race or ride the sportier motorcycles. Team up a front zipper closure nickel studded vest with skinny leather pants and swanky leather boots if you want to attain a gothic look or make a bold style statement.

shorts2One hot trend in Hollywood and all over the world is leather clothing for women. Before you run out and purchase a pair of leather chaps or bulky biker jacket, think again. Leather clothing can run the gamut from smoking and sexy to sweet and subtle. Furthermore, leather clothing is available in all shades and hues of delicious colors, express yourself with juicy greens and pinks that are hot, hot, hot these days.

How to Stay in Vogue in Fall & Winter

Every woman dreams about being well dressed and looking good, however that dream can quickly move out of sight due to a tight budget, dissatisfaction with your body shape or a busy schedule. While much of the world is watching what it’s wearing, many women would still admit that it is an exhausting task to find the right dress. Well, failing to dress to the nines is not the most vexing vice, but it is definitely not something to be proud of. How to choose the right clothes? What fabric will accentuate the curves or what will make the entire look gawky? What counts for an effortless chic look? These are some head scratching questions.

Constance-Jablonski-Vogue-Russia-November-2009-5Soon, we dismiss the thought of looking stylish and leave it for the rich or the thin. After all, autumn/winter is that season which fashionistas look forward for doling out their creativity! There are fewer women who experiment with style, colors, and fabrics during winters. In fact, right kind of fabrics, colors, and accessories will not only keep the cold at bay, but also make the season stylish. The problem with wearing too many clothing items at once is that you can easily look and feel like the Oros man.

Although it requires a bit more thought and effort to remain stylish during the winter months, it is very possible and easy to achieve, once you get the hang of it. So, if you really want to snag the perfect cold weather style, throw out those old knitted sweaters and follow these easy steps.One way you can protect yourself and keep yourself looking fashionable is with a scarf. Not only are they fairly inexpensive, they can be purchased in a variety of fabrics, colors, and styles. With a scarf, you can show your style personality and keep your body heat in your jacket. Scarves will add some color and life to that cold and grey winter days.


Try wearing a color that will either accent your coat or match your hat.  A black coat could be paired with a scarf that is dark or light gray; burgundy; navy; or a fun, mixed pattern or print. Black will work well with nearly anything, but keep the look stylish and not kindergarten by avoiding colors that completely clash.Those wearing a brown coat should try scarves that are burgundy, a darker or lighter shade of brown, cream, purple, or a non-fluorescent shade of orange. Basically, brown coats work well with complementary neutrals or warm-toned scarves.


Women can try a fun pattern or print to mix it up a bit! Instead of going bare-legged, ladies should consider wearing tights or leggings beneath their skirt or dress. Not only does it look more climate-appropriate in formal situations, your legs will remain softer since they won’t be as exposed to the elements. Just like scarves, leggings and tights come in many different varieties, so it is nearly impossible not to find a pair that will work with your outfit.

Adding a Fur Coat to Your Wardrobe

Though fall has just arrived, the fashion women around the street have previously set the fur on their whole body. Now a good deal more designers’ layout a lengthy fur coats for females. The exaggerated long-haired fur coat can make it very simple who sporting it to be the main target of notice. Even the jeans collar and also the sleeves are bordered with fur. In today’s fashion world many brands and designers offer us faux fur pieces, but for us fur coat should be made from real fur. Fur coat underlines your elegance and status, that’s why it’s very important to have something that will show your importance in one second.

2013-latest-black-chinchilla-fur-coat-entireThe fur is in big trend these years, so we’d like to start our next year wearing something trendy and beautiful, something like a fur coat. When choosing Landau a lot of women phony fur coats or jackets, that big difference gets to be a great deal more obvious. Winter season coats suitable for women are also made from a wide selection of components. They could be created of fur or from commonplace thread .These coats can be found in a range of trends and types supposed for producing girls cozy and concurrently earning them glance enticing.

Fur-Coat-Model-500x502Winter season most women fake fur coats an rarely be complete with no the mention of jackets and women’s winter coats. Adult females pretend fur coats are designed to insulate you from your biting chilly outdoors. Available in various lengths, you can actually play around with distinct types and locate a person which can most beneficial match all of your completely different appears. Girls pretend fur coats would be the most fabulous items of ladies winter season fashion apparel in the winter season wardrobe of any girl! So, if you are searching for some tips on find out how to opt for a wintertime ladies faux fur coats, you have got arrived at just the correct area. This information will tell you all regarding how to settle on just the proper form of wintertime coats for ladies!

fur-coat-trend-2012For every of such seems you’ll have to order different styles of women fake fur coats- could very well be a common prolonged coat, a wintertime leather-based coat or possibly a designer coat respectively! Go for fabric mixes, as you can choose fur coats with amazing leather patches or details, but note that next year is all about fitted styles, so pick up the right one. If you want a cool color, then I can say for sure, that black, brown and white are in trend, as well as animal print coats. Some love bold colors from the 1990′s, like red, pink, printed, neon or purple, so try them as well, but keep attention to the fit.

fur-coat2If we speak about fur coats length, then you should remember that classic styles like mid length are still in trend, but new season comes with mid length sleeves, which are so popular these days. With mid length sleeve you can showcase your sweaters or jewel. The short coats (around waist length) are also in trend, they look cool with maxi skirts or dresses. If we speak about long fur coats, then we must admit that they are not too practical. After you touch the quite comfortable extensive fur coat, you are likely to have got an attractive beautiful feeling. At any time you wear the prolonged fur coats which include a light-colored denims and boots, it is going to highlighting your gasoline area and you never sense bloated. This design can be quite fashionable. These coats are welcome via the young and stylish a lot of women.