Men’s Fashion Accessory ——– Neckties

In today’s fashion world, countless number of men’s used to wear ties either formally or occasionally as now there is a trend of wearing ties. As tie enhances the looks and appearance of a person more than a usual pant & shirt depending upon the particular atmosphere/environment, and there are different types of ties available depending upon their functionality, as some are worn formally and some casually. Either from fashion point of view or as a status symbol, ties had a purpose. Thusly, today I will be showing you how to choose the right sort of tie for the right sort of events. Then again, before we can really go into details, you must first have a short understanding of what a tie is and what it is used for.


A tie is something that a person uses to wear around his/her neck. As I would like to think, a tie is used to upgrade ones “classiness” and thus making him/her look smarter. That is the reason each time you see a person most of the time a legislator giving a speech; you might always see that person having a tie tied around his neck.  But now-a-days we portray them as a part of men’s business attire, as a part of uniform or as an outfit for some special occasions like wedding, official parties, etc. Today ties come not only in several different colors but also in several different patterns, sizes and widths.

mens_tie1Men can be ties in stripes, dots or cross and also contain pictures or letters, but most of these links would not be appropriate for a very formal or business event, but really just depends on the preference of men and personality. Men’s ties also come with designs and patterns. If the man is more outgoing and likes to excel or make people laugh then, without doubt, a draw with different colored dots or cartoon animals would be a good choice for him. The man who is a little more serious, ties “funny” or “wild” probably not a good option.


The color of men ties is very important. The color of the tie that is worn will represent the man who is wearing it. With several thousand-color combinations to choose from, it is a good idea to choose a color that can be worn for any occasion. Solid colors can pretty much be worn anywhere and still look fabulous. Many times, a man who is going to work in an office will wear solid colors like White, Blue or Black. On the other hand, for a formal occasion, the tie would be Black, Gold or Silver. For those who work in the entertainment industry or similar, they may want to wear a bit of a “louder” tie.

Screen-shot-2013-01-21-at-1.25.00-PMAmong several different types of ties one is a Neck ties which is referred to as a long piece of cloth worn around the neck or shoulders. Men and boys prefer to wear neckties in regular office attire or formal wear, as a necktie in a business type of environment has usually became the symbol of professionalism. Those who don’t prefer to be in such attire are often classified as disheveled or untidy. Neckwear is also seen on men during special occasions, holidays, etc, whereas some choose to wear them as everyday clothing attire. Generally, neckties are extremely popular in schools, military and among rich people.


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