Fashion Over-the-knee Boot for Winter Footwear

Now that autumn is upon us, and winter is nearing, it is time to put some serious thought into our cold weather wardrobes. Women’s boots are a functional albeit stylish necessity for dressing your best in the frigid winter months. Women’s boots come in a variety of shapes, styles and textures to suit any personality and occasion.

One of the most popular styles to hit the runways this season is over knee boots that feature fleece lining with a suede shell. Most have a flat rubber sole, and some have a convertible cuff that allows you to wear them above or below the knee. This style of boot will keep you toasty and warm all winter long. There are wide ranges of choices from studded, spiked, sleek, and sturdy boots that compliments well with almost everything. From stylish to trashy, these boots can be the perfect pick to hit the town this winter! Here are few rules to wear over-the-knee boots when rocking the season’s trend!

Fall-Over-the-Knee-BootsWhen wearing knee high boots, you should carefully consider your clothing choices. To maintain a classier look, you should avoid skimpy clothing and make sure you cover up your bottom half by wearing leggings or jeans. Throw on a loose knit jumper and your new black leather over knee boots will complete your look. Joggings are leggings that are made to look like your favorite pair of jeans, and nothing sets them off like thigh high boots. Wear a relaxed pair with a flat heel, or opt for a platform. It used to be that riding boots were reserved for horseback riding, but you do not have to saddle up to get the classic look.


Wear your favorite new boots with skinny jeans, or go for a dressier look and pair them with a sweater dress. Jodhpurs come in a variety of colors and fabrics and look great on any body type. Add a peplum riding jacket with a velvet collar and cuffs and you will be ready for your hot date. The way that you wear over knee boots is really up to you, but if you want to put your best foot forward there are a few things to remember. Size is everything and if you often have your shoes or boots off before the night is over, it is imperative that you get the right size, especially in the calf area. To find your perfect fit, use a tape measure and wrap it around the largest part of your calf and be sure that the tape is snug.

PicMonkey Collage4

It is important that you measure both calves as it is rare that they will both be the same size. Order the dimension that is the largest for the best possible fit. Over the knee boots can go up to your thigh, or hit you just above your knee. Make sure that you measure the total length from the sole of your foot to the place where you want your new boots to end up. Comfort is king and it is important that your new boots do not hit you in the crease of your knee.

January-Jones-in-Alexander-Wang-Sigrid-Over-the-Knee-Boots-with-Notched-HeelBoots look great with any outfit, and if you have been toying with the idea of buying a new pair you should consider over knee boots. Everyone can wear them even if you have large or small legs, as fitted sizes are available for both narrow and wide calves.


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