Romantic Flowers Detailed Wedding Dress

Flowers always stand for love and beauty. No one can reject the attraction of flowers. No exception in our girls’ wedding ceremony. We have flowers in hand, we wear flowers in the hair, and we arrange the scene all with flowers. But have you, my Atta girl, ever thought of wearing the flowers as wedding dress and get yourself wrapped all with flowers? Come on with me, I will show you the beauty of flower wedding dress!

10030FLThere is perhaps nothing I like better than a perfectly poised petal. The beauty of flowers, whether intricate, or sublimely simple, can cause us to take pause and appreciate nature unlike anything else.  Many designers also find inspiration in the beauty of blooms and, as seen below, it often results in the most beautiful gowns. These natural inspired and ultra-feminine designs are perfect for the garden chic bride. There is something very fairytalesque about these gowns and even just to look upon them conjures daydreams of a gorgeous celebration.

BGW 0367The coziness, romance in the show and sparkly, glittery colour schemes, but we’re not quite ready to accept the new season with open arms just yet. We’re harking back to the sun shiny days of summer with some blooming gorgeous floral inspired wedding dresses. Not quite for the tomboy at heart, these wedding gowns are as feminine as they get, with ruffles, petals and pink galore. So, embrace your girly side and enjoy… Bow once again to his unique charm, big flower ball with big bows together to shape a perfect mood, retro-flavored strong palace-style wedding dress for the bride happy memories.

Surrounded by bouquets from waist line extending under the wedding dress, like the water slowly flowing, like the delicate love, takes time to constantly accumulate! Covers the entire pattern with shiny dress and accidentally reveals, makes you marvel at his romantic luxury! Full of texture transparent tulle and satin bloom the romantic beauty of the light, simple and flawless, and make the bride feel exotic and romantic, wearing such a beautiful wedding dress, we can make his eyes light up closest to you!

e-2012-designer-wedding-dress-006Flowers married, wear your fall wedding dress, has been surrounded by full of happiness! Harmony cream-colored blooms like the Holy light, behind tiny bits of flowers accompanied by a cascade of tulle, a layer at a time to extend the romance!



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