2013 Designer Wedding Dress

Impression that the bride should wear plain white princess dress, wedding dress, or has a very long tail wedding dress, bridal gowns princess it should be as noble and magnificent. Although this idea is not obsolete, a little catches up with the trend. Popular short and minimalist design wedding dresses, bride and wedding dress can look more fresh and natural.

wedding-dresses-2013-022-1I’ll be honest: highlights are hard, y’all; I can’t tell you how many gasps were drawn out of me and it seems like every designer was on their game for Fall 2014. It was difficult for me, but starting off these highlights are four designers that are always catching my eye and leaving me breathless with everything they do, bridal or not. I didn’t expect it to be different this year, but I also didn’t expect that they would dish out these types of designs. The luxuriousness of each dress was enough to leave its onlookers pleading for more. Thankfully, the designers are generous and share as much of their creativity with us as possible. I’m going on and on, so on to the dresses! More pretty to stare at!

wedding-dresses-2013-071-1Theia’s designers certainly caused a frenzy for Fall 2014 when they decided to incorporate pants in their latest line. Not a pantsuit, but a pant/sweater combination. The sweater was delicate yet edgy with intricate beading and the pants were simple enough not to overpower the sweater as the focal point of the outfit. Also seen in their collection was a lovely cloak that just gleamed as the model traipsed down the runway. Most of the silhouettes were A-line or sheath and they brought a delightful freshness to the whole collection. When the gold pieces arrived, it brought everything full circle. Everything complemented each other and it can be an obstacle to pull off an array of different pieces and have them achieve a harmony. Theia definitely knows what they’re doing.

wedding-dresses-2013-055-1The dress of your dreams may be extravagant and expensive, but it may not be realistic for you to spend that much. Listen to your conscience when it’s telling you to look for modest wedding dresses within your budget. But you don’t need to worry that you won’t be beautiful on the day of your wedding.


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