Two-Tone Prom Dress

Fashion is a woman’s domain and as such it is something that she thinks of constantly and to which she puts a lot of effort. Formal gatherings are very important to a lady, notwithstanding her actual participation in the event. A woman always wants to look her best which is why she would peruse as many stores and boutiques that sell formal evening dresses and proceed to try every single one of them until she can find the perfect one to wear.

blush-prom-dresses-2012-020-1Prom dress trends are one thing, but choosing a gown in a colour that’s flattering to your skin tone is what will really make you pop on prom night. If all the fashion magazines are saying ‘metallics’ or ‘two-tone’, but these colours make you look washed out and pasty, don’t be afraid to go against the grain in order to look your best. After all, prom night is something you’ll remember for the rest of your life – don’t you want your pictures to capture you looking your best?

blush-prom-dresses-2012-017-1The first step in determining which prom dress colours will look best is to analyze your skin’s overall tone and undertones. This can be difficult to determine, so try putting on a white shirt and hold a white sheet of paper next to your face while standing in the most natural light possible. You should be able to pick up subtle variations using this method – for example, you may notice that your skin has a slightly yellow tone or that your undertones take on more of a bluish tint.

Traditionally, skin tones are broken down into two groups – warm and cool undertones. If the white shirt and paper experiment reveals yellow, beige, brown or olive undertones, you’re considered to have a warm skin tone. The colours that will be most flattering to you will be tones in the Earth tone family, including yellows, reds or browns. On the other hand, if you discover undertones of blue, pink, rose or purple, you’re considered to have a cool skin tone. Look for prom dresses in blues, purples or greens to best flatter your skin tone.

short_prom_dress_001Another way to determine which prom dress colours will be most flattering to your colouring is to take a closer look at the pupils of your eyes. Although we typically classify ourselves as having blue, green or brown eyes, most of us actually have many smaller flecks and variations in the colour of our eyes. Finally, if you’re still at a loss for which prom dress colours will be most flattering for you, think back to the items in your wardrobe that have earned you the most compliments.

These breathtaking two-tone chic formal dresses will give you a deep impression. And it would be a wonderful summer because of these colorful dresses. Two tone dresses are now shining their beauty. So here, I especially show you stunning two tone dresses!


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