2014 Fashion & Popular Style Wedding Party Dress

A wedding invitation has been received. But what to wear to weddings becomes a hard problem for most ladies. Wedding party dresses are occasion specific. They include prom dresses, cocktail party dresses, wedding party dresses and casual evening dresses. Every kind of dress follows certain size standards. For example, while selecting an evening dress, you need to focus on your body shape, which can be pear, hourglass, slim, athletic, apple or flabby.

2013-bridesmaid-dress-hot-007Each lady would like to be best and charming at her unique unforgettable night time with your ex night out. Therefore, choosing a suited and beautiful prom dress can be viewed as the priority. In some cases, the formality of dress expected of the wedding guests will be explicitly written on the invitation. For example, the invitation may specify that the wedding is black-tie, formal, semi-formal, casual, etc. In some cases, the bride and groom may want their guests to wear something specific to fit a theme, (for example, Hawaiian-themed dress) or they may request everyone wear a specific color.

bridesmaid-dresses-067By all means, follow these instructions if they are given. The same applies if the bride or groom tells you the dress code directly. If it is not specified whether the wedding is formal, casual, etc., you generally can’t go wrong in assuming the dress code is semi-formal. If you follow this rule, you’ll typically be one notch less dressy than the wedding party and will look both classy and respectful.

What matters most on a wedding party is to be smart and presentable, because people will judge you and respect you basing on the way you portray yourself, so make sure that you give them a great first impression by dressing the best outfit for the party. Different colors of the wedding party dress can be chosen to be worn. But the common colors of the wedding party dresses are; blue, light-bluish, white, and pinkish/reddish because the look remarkably great on many ladies.

bridesmaid-dresses-093In the end, I’ll present some other regular rules for you: Ladies, don’t wear white; never wear jeans; Take a cue from the venue; Note the season and the time of the day; don’t wear anything too flashy. Similarly, people often like to wear lighter colors to spring and summer weddings, and darker colors to fall and winter weddings; Just avoid sexy club-wear – like a tight, super-short dress or a very low-cut top – and clothing that is shiny, sequined, or otherwise attention-grabbing; Wear something you’ll be comfortable because most weddings last for several hours.


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