Best Maternity Wedding Dress for Pregnant Brides

As the proverb goes, “happy is the bride that the sun shines on”, it seems that doubly blessed is the bride who will soon be a mother. Every bride wants to be the most beautiful one on their wedding day. Not excepting for pregnant brides. Here we specially prepare a guide for the bride full of “pregnant” flavor.


More and more pregnant brides proud to show off their bumps on their big days, the pregnant ladies have more choice for maternity wedding dresses. We suggest you, if you will be less than 14 weeks pregnant on your wedding, you will be able to get away with a more form fitting regular wedding gown.  If you will be 15 weeks or more by your wedding date, we highly suggest you select a style that is specifically designed for maternity brides. These styles are typically empire or styles designed to accommodate a growing tummy.


High waistline and more lace

Wedding dress with a high waistline can help to hide the bride’s bulged belly, and then with layers of lace or puffy tulle skirt body, it will allow the upper body appear fluffy and cover the change of the abdomen. If the bride is already in the period of getting on weight during pregnancy, it is also supposed to pay attention to the choice of colors.

Loose Greek style

As Greek-style wedding dress has no waistline, it is favored by lots of pregnant brides. However, this type of wedding dress is just suit brides who are of early pregnant period and the belly just begins to become noticeable. Simple Greek style can set off the bride’s elegant and graceful temperament, while the design of the skirt can well make up the figure’s flaws of pregnant brides.

Smaller train

Neither demure small train nor luxury big one is suitable for pregnant brides. The back is only 10-15 cm longer than the front is the most suitable for pregnant brides. With only a little bit long train, it can elongate the bride’s body line. Moreover, for the mother-to-be, the safety on the wedding is the most important. A smaller train will reduce the burden of moving and be more convenient.


Oblique shoulder style

Pregnant women’s breasts will become larger, so at this time we should avoid choosing V-neck wedding dress, neither will strapless wedding dress do. The dress with oblique shoulder style is the best choice, which can cover part of the shoulder and the chest so to make the chest look not that plump.

As the pregnant woman also has the right to show their special beauty. If you belong to this group, maternity wedding dress could help. Help you show the unique beauty and beauty line. By putting these maternity wedding dresses, you will know that feeling. The special beauty of nature belongs only to you, as a pregnant woman may also show that maternal beauty.


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